UK will be separated from the European Union on Friday


The EU Parliament has overwhelmingly endorsed the Brexit deal.

In the European Parliament’s meeting in the city of Brussels in Belgium, 621 were voted in support of the Brexit deal and 49 in opposition.

According to the BBC, the UK will be separated from the EU next Friday following the passage of the bill.

On the occasion, several members of the European Parliament said they hoped the UK would return to the union one day.

Speaking to British members and the public, President of the European Parliament David Sassoli said that you are leaving the European Union but you will always be part of Europe.

European Commission President Ursula One said the ratification of the Brexit agreement was the first step towards a new relationship between the UK and the European Union.

He said that we will always love you and we will never be away from each other.

It is to be noted that after gaining a clear majority in the UK’s historic elections in December 2019 and becoming Prime Minister again, Boris Johnson had said that he had given the people the mandate to exit the European Union, so the UK would leave the European Union next month.

Later, the British House of Representatives (lower chamber) and (upper chamber) passed the European Union this month.

Queen Elizabeth II also approved formal separation from the European Union last week after the British Parliament’s approval.

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