Trump unveil mideast plan calling it a “Peace Plan”


Addressing a press conference with the Israeli Prime Minister, Trump said that Jerusalem would remain the capital of Israel, while the Palestinians would be provided capital in occupied East Jerusalem.

According to a report by the news agency, the West Bank was recognized as Israeli settler in a peace plan presented by the United States while the new settlements in the West Bank were banned for four years.

Trump said: “Under the peace plan, the Palestinian territories under control will double and the Israeli government will have to give them access to Jerusalem at all costs. The United States will also proudly open its embassy in the new Palestinian capital.

Donald Trump said the peace plan for the Middle East is of 80 pages. The project will invest $ 5 billion in Palestine, and if all matters are settled easily, one million Palestinians will get jobs.

The US president said, “This is an extraordinary and remarkable development. Netanyahu has also acknowledged the project and he assured of the cooperation to which I am grateful.”

Palestinian leaders, on the other hand, have been involved in any negotiations with the White House after the announcement of the aforementioned plan, after which it is likely that they will not accept the deal in any way.

Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets after Trump announced the plan and raised slogans for not recognizing Israel, with protesters believing that no country could impose a custom policy on their land.

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