Modi’s fascist ideology is the greatest threat to regional peace and stability : Imran khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan says that the world is now recognizing that democracy and hostile ideology are being imposed in occupied Kashmir and India, which is the biggest threat to regional peace and stability.

Prime Minister Imran Khan criticized the Modi government, citing a report published in the British journal The Economist on Indian extremism.

He said that Indian initiatives are the biggest threat to regional peace and stability.

Imran Khan further said that 8 lac Kashmiri Muslims are already suffering because of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fascist policies.

It should be noted that the report published in The Economist criticized the controversial law of citizenship against Indian Muslims, saying that the Modi government’s actions made India a mad indian state rather than secular state.

According to the report, the distribution of Modi’s decisions in the narrow-eyed and prejudiced India is deepening. Now over 20 million Muslims living in India will have to give proof of citizenship.

The British Journal report calls on the Indian Supreme Court to declare the Modi government’s actions unconstitutional and also to call attention to protests in various states.

The report states that the Modi government’s actions will prove to be a political poison for India. Their decisions also threaten bloodshed in India.

It should be noted that there is a series of protests against the controversial citizenship law in India and Indian citizens in various cities are protesting against the discriminatory policies of the Modi government.

Under this controversial law, non-Muslims going to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will be given citizenship but not Muslims.

Indian citizens are protesting against the controversial bill in which a large number of women are also involved.

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