ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Don’t blame us for low-scoring pitches, says ICC


Jonny Bairstow has recently addressed why the World Cup pitches have been so different as compared to those regularly seen in the England. He stated: “The pitches we’ve been playing on the last two years are surely the pitches we would be playing on in a World Cup? I don’t know why they’ve changed,”

However, ICC has rejected obligation for low-scoring pitches at 2019 World Cup after one more bloated surface was produced for first semi-final among New Zealand and India in Manchester.

The New Zealand team discovered scoring tough on a moderate, two-paced track subsequent to winning the toss, while making 211 for 5 in 46.1 overs before the rain constrained this challenge into the reserve day. The game pursued theme of the tournament where low scores have been the standard on particularly various pitches from those seen ODI cricket in England over the recent years.

That has prompted allegations that the ICC has intentionally instructed the local groundsmen to plan slower surfaces instead of normal. Be that as it may, ICC stated:

Essentially the venues are responsible for the pitch preparation which is done with oversight and guidance from the ICC and our independent pitch consultant, “The guidance we give any host of an ICC event is to prepare the best possible pitches for the conditions in that country – so in this case the best possible ODI pitch for typical English conditions and we would also look for even bounce and good carry. The ICC does not instruct groundsmen to prepare pitches in a certain way to advantage, or disadvantage, any team.

Surface for this semi-final started overwhelming criticism from the previous England batsman Mark Butcher, who made tweet:

“Sorry, but pitches have been garbage this tournament. Uneven, two-paced, shit heaps MIGHT give you an exciting 5 overs at the end of a run chase, but you’ve scared everybody off in the previous 95. Crap.”

A lot of fans have likewise accused International Cricket Council (ICC) for arranging the low-scoring tracks. At that point there are many who feel that while risky tracks should be flagged quickly, a pitch can’t be blamed for being difficult to batsmen.

In the continuous World Cup, bowlers have to a great extent fared superior to anything batsman and it is likewise felt this could be useful for a game that has been somewhat unforgiving to bowlers in the recent years.